Equality and Diversity

University Self Assessment Team


 Dr Linda Newnes



Professor Linda Newnes (Chair)

Department of Mechanical Enigineering




Dr Marion Harney


Dr Marion Harney (Champion)

Chair of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering DSAT

Alternate: Dr Manuchehr Soleimani, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering



Dr Sarah Bailey


Dr Sarah Bailey (Champion)

Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Alternate: Dr John Power, Department of Computer Science



Professor Juani Swart, School of Management


Professor Juani Swart (Champion) - no profile available

School of Management

Alternate: Dr Andrea Herepath, School of Management



Mr Steven Wonnacott


Mr Steven Wonnacott

Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies

Alternate: Dr Rachel Arnold, Department for Health



Mark Humphriss


Mr Mark Humphriss

University Secretary and Chair of Equality and Diversity Committee




Professor Carole Mundell, Department of Physics



Professor Carole Mundell

Department of Physics




Mr Richard Brooks

Director of Human Resources


Mr Liam Emery - no profile available

Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies


To be confirmed

Director of Administration, Faculty of Engineeing and Design


Dr Emma Williams

School of Management


Dr Nicky Kemp, Director of Policy and Planning

Katherine Evans, Policy and Planning Analyst


Equality & Diversity Manager

Georgina Brown


Equality & Diversity Officer

Aiste Senulyte


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