Equality and Diversity


Our aim is to provide fair treatment in work, study, recreation and leisure for male and female staff, students and visitors.

We encourage the diversity of our staff and students and aim to create an environment of respect and dignity where we provide staff and students with the opportunity to realise their full potential.

We work within the legal framework to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of both women and men, whether as employees, students, visitors or users of our services. We will do this through our fair policies, practices and procedures. We also provide relevant training to staff and students.

The law applies in employment, education, training and the provision of services. This includes the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment, (either because of the person's sex or harassment of a sexual nature).

Both sexes suffer from the effects of gender stereotyping and we believe that fair treatment should be based on the need of the employee, student or visitor and not on the gender of the person.

The term "sex" is used to describe biological differences between women and men. The term "gender" refers to the wider social roles and relationships which structure men's and women's lives.

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