Equality and Diversity

Religion and belief

Religion or belief is defined as being any religion, religious belief or similar philosophical belief. This does not include any philosophical or political belief unless it is similar to religious belief.

It is unlawful on the grounds of religion or belief to:

  • Discriminate directly against anyone. That is, to treat them less favourably than others because of their religion or belief.
  • Discriminate indirectly against anyone. That is, to apply a criterion, provision or practice which disadvantages people of a particular religion or belief without a good reason.
  • Subject anyone to harassment. Harassment is unwanted conduct that violates a person's dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them.
  • Victimise someone because they have made a complaint or allegation or have given evidence against someone else in relation to a complaint of discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.
  • Discriminate against someone based on the assumption that they have a particular religion or belief.
  • Discriminate against someone in some circumstances after the working relationship has ended.

The law also protects people who are being discriminated against because of the religion or belief of the people with whom they associate, for example, their family or friends.


Exceptions may be made in very limited circumstances if there are legal reasons for this.

Muslim prayer room

The University is pleased to make available for any Muslim members of its community (staff, students or visitors) the following facilities:

  • A Muslim prayer room (available 24/7) on the University campus, with washing facilities in Norwood House, level 4.1. You can access the room by going to the reception in the Library (open 24/7) for the door code.
  • A large room is available every week for a two hour period for Friday prayers. You will need to contact the University Islamic Society for the location because it can vary through the year. The University Islamic Society (SU) can be contacted by email su5is@bath.ac.uk

Further information

You may encounter requests from staff or students in connection with time off work or study for prayer, dress or religious/activities holidays. In such circumstances, please contact the Human Resources department or Students' Union for further assistance.