Equality and Diversity


Transgender people are one of nine protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010, and it is also included in the Public Sector Equality Duty. The definition of transgender/gender reassignment within the act gives protection from discrimination to a person who has proposed, started or completed a process to change their sex.

The act offers more far-reaching protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender reassignment than ever before as it protects:

  • trans people who are not under medical supervision
  • people who experience discrimination because they are perceived to be trans
  • people from discrimination by association because of gender reassignment. For example, it would protect the parents of a trans person from being discriminated against because their child is transitioning.

It is good practice for universities to ensure all managers, human resources and student services staff understand the law and its implications, and are familiar with gender identity issues.

'Trans' - a definition

An inclusive term for those who identify themselves as transgender, transsexual or transvestite. The term 'trans' can be used without offence but should only be used as an adjective, for example 'a trans student'.

Trans roadmap

The information on this roadmap has been compiled by students, for students, and is intended purely as a reference point for those with gender identity-related questions.

Find a Transgender Support Group Near You. Access over 100 verified UK Trans support groups and locate one close to you. Detailed profiles offer specific information on the scope of support provided, meeting schedules and contact information.