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Transgender Websites

  • beaumontsociety.org.uk. A nationwide self-help association for Transvestites and Transsexuals.
  • blog.plain-sense.co.uk. Plain sense, the blog of Christine Burns: works with Press for Change, author and activist.
  • depend.org.uk. A help and support group for non-trans people who are affected by Transsexuality in either their partner, a family member, or a close friend.
  • ftmguide.org.  Hudson's FTM Resource guide provides information and how-to advice for trans guys and those assigned female at birth.
  • gender.org.uk/gendys. A network for all who have encountered gender identity problems personally, Transsexuals, Transgendered people, and Gender Dysphoric people of either sex, and for those who provide care, both professionally and lay.
  • genderqueerid.com.  Various resources for genderqueer and non-binary transgender people.
  • gendertrust.com. A registered charity that provides help and support for Transsexuals and those who are close to them.
  • gires.org.uk. A registered charity, one of whose main objectives is to initiate and support research into Gender Identity and Intersex issues, and to publish the outcome of such research.
  • lauras-playground.com.  Resource for gender-nonconforming and transgender people.
  • mermaidsuk.org.uk. A Family support group for Children and Teenagers with Gender Identity Issues.
  • NHS.uk/Livewell.  NHS Transgender splash page.
  • northernconcord.org.uk. A social group, based in Manchester, which provides help, support, and activities for Transvestites, Transsexuals, and those close to them.
  • pfc.org.uk. Press for Change: lobbying on trans-related issues and legal advice.
  • tgfact.co.uk. An organisation to help and assist the Transgendered with transition. Their aims are to Facilitate, Assist, Council, and Train, in supporting individuals, families, and business,
  • tgforum.com. A news and information source for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, their family and friends.
  • tgguide.com. A National Directory of resources, information and services for the Transgendered community. A friendly place to explore issues, make friends, share tips and tricks and much more.
  • tgni.net. An area where people dealing with issues of Transgenderism, Crossdressing, Transsexuality and all related matters may openly, and in a calm friendly manner, discuss their issues.
  • The Mayflower Club A social group, based in Southampton, which provides help, support, and activities, for Transvestites, Transsexuals, and those close to them.
    in the acceptance of Transgender issues.
  • transbristol.wordpress.com.  Transbristol is a Bristol-based support and activism group for trans people.
  • transcabal.com. Community hub for transgender people, with widely varying content.
  • transliving.co.uk. The longest established Transgender support group in the UK, for individuals, their family and friends.
  • transmediawatch.org.  Deals with portrayals of trans people in the media.
  • transsexual.org. Transsexual resources in the UK. Includes news, features, editorials, and related links.