Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity - Action taken since the staff survey

Tue Apr 04 11:11:00 BST 2017

The Equality and Diversity 2016 staff survey results showed positive improvement on the 2013 results and against benchmarked universities. Across all benchmarked institutions we had the highest score for work life balance, the lowest score for feeling discriminated against. When analysed by the different equality groups (men/women, disabled/non-disabled etc), positive perceptions were seen across all sections of this survey but particularly in 'My manager/supervisor', 'Working for the University' and 'Diversity and Equality'. The findings have provided us with reinforcement of the action taken within the University but also the need to take further action in three areas.

1. You asked us to investigate age issues:-

  • HR investigated the issues relating to low take-up of SDPRs for staff under 25 years old. They found that most of these staff did not have the length of service required (6 months) to have an SDPR.
  • HR investigated the lower participation rate in training reported by staff over 55 years old. They found that these staff are more likely to undertake 'update' training.

2. You commented that there was 'Very low reporting of bullying and harassment'.

  • We have revised the Dignity and Respect policy and procedure. It contains information about informal and formal ways of reporting incidents see 4.1 and 4.5 in the policy
  • We are putting messages on digital screens and on posters in common areas to confirm ways to report any incidents of bullying and harassment.

3. You asked us to take action on a number of disability issues and here is what we have done so far: -

  • We circulated awareness-raising information to managers through emails and online about the need for sensitivity and when it is important to seek advice. Here is the HR Director's blog on the issue of change. Staff can contact HR
  • We incorporate disability advice in relevant management training courses
  • We ensure that our accessible parking spaces are actively policed.

If you would like to discuss any issues mentioned on this page please contact Marlene Bertrand