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MA in Interpreting and Translating
Postgraduate Admissions

MA in Interpreting and Translating

Chinese Stream

This is a one-year full-time course designed to prepare linguists for careers as interpreters or translators working from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English. The MA course is open to graduates and to those who expect to graduate during the coming year, who show that they have the required linguistic aptitude, communication skills and the motivation to succeed.

Key Features

Selection of students: minimum requirements together with careful screening through a process of assessment of oral and written language skills and interview help to ensure that standards are always high.

Small class size: the yearly intake is limited to 24 students and all practical interpreting classes are taught in small groups of 6-10, providing optimal exposure and teacher contact.

English environment: for those students who are not English native speakers, the University of Bath and the city itself offer ample exposure to the language and culture of the UK. For those who are not native speakers of Chinese, the class environment of the course offers intensive experience in a wide variety of Chinese language genres.

Work placement: we make every effort to give students the opportunity of interpreting and translation work placements at some point during the course, though these may vary considerably in length and nature, and are not guaranteed.

Professional contacts: throughout the course, high-calibre interpreters and translators are invited to teach in their specialist areas.  The department runs programmes in eight languages, allowing a great deal of interaction between professionals and students.