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Welcome to the postgraduate pages of the Department of European Studies and Modern Languages.

At postgraduate level, six established programmes exemplify the Department's tradition in excellence and commitment to innovation.

The Department owes much of its early reputation to the success of the highly-regarded MA in Interpreting and Translating, which in its earliest form was established more than thirty years ago and has provided (and continues to provide) many of the professional linguists working in major European and international institutions. The addition in recent years of Chinese and Japanese streams has further enhanced the programme's reputation and appeal. It was complemented in 2003 by the MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills.

The popular and highly original Euromasters programme, which focuses on in-depth study of European Politics, Policy and Society, is coordinated in Bath and taught collaboratively with universities in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Prague and Siena, offering the opportunity to study in a fully integrated European environment. The programme is complemented by Euromasters with Trans-Atlantic Track, offering an integrated period of study in the USA.

Our portfolio of politics-relevant MA programmes continues to grow: as of the academic year 2006/7, the Department also offers an MA in International Politics. Building on the success of our Euromasters programme and the MA in Contemporary European Politics which was introduced in the academic year 2004/5, this new programme reflects the Department's growing expertise in the area of international politics, and especially in the role of the EU as a global player.

In 2001, the MA in European Cinema Studies already made an important and innovative contribution to the Department's taught postgraduate programmes, focusing on the specificities of European (as opposed to strictly national) cinema and combining both theoretical and practical stances.

For students wishing to pursue an MPhil/PhD please look at the Research section of this website.

Another recent innovative postgraduate course is as follows:-

Serving the University community as a whole, the English Language Centre provides language services for the international student population, as well as a variety of specialised courses. The Foreign Languages Centre provides courses in a wide range of languages at all levels for students throughout the University who wish to complement their own degree programmes with proficiency in a foreign language. This opportunity also exists, of course, for students in our own Department who wish to gain or maintain proficiency in a language other than those they are studying as part of their degree.

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