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MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills
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MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills

Please apply by 7 April as our interview day on 22 April may be our last interview day: if we receive enough high quality applications the deadline of 30 April may be brought forward to 7 April.


This one-year programme is designed to prepare linguists for careers in several areas of specialised language work in which there is a rapidly growing demand for highly trained speakers of English, both in the UK and abroad.

These areas include liaison interpreting, translation, précis-writing, editing and revision, and proofreading. The programme will also cover important enterprise skills such as translation management and setting up in business.

The programme is an entirely vocational one which is aimed at channelling students into jobs. It caters for students whose first or "A" language is English and who can work from at least one of the European languages taught in the Department. Applications are welcome from students who have taken a first degree that combines a language with another subject (e.g. economics, law, business studies, etc.)

Course Structure

The languages currently offered by the Department for this programme are French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Suitably qualified students must offer at least one of these languages.

All students take the core units in translation (in all the languages they are offering), editing and revision and liaison interpreting (in one language). Translation and editing and revision are offered in both semesters. Liaison Interpreting is offered only in semester 1. Further units are chosen to make up the required number of credits for the programme. Please note that the Optional Unit of Precis Writing is not available for German and Italian.

A range of non-assessed extra-curricular units will also be available, covering such topics such as economics, international law and the EU institutions. These units are shared with the MA in Interpreting and Translating.

At the end of semester 2, students start work on their dissertation, which they have until 30 September to complete.