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Welcome to the undergraduate pages of the Department of European Studies and Modern Languages.

At undergraduate level, the Department offers a varied portfolio of degree programmes, all of which are kept under regular review to ensure quality of provision and a rapid response to changes in school curricula, the higher education sector, and the demand for graduates in the workplace.

The long-established BA in Modern Languages and European Studies was one of the first in the UK to offer the intensive study of two languages (from French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish) in the context of modern European culture, politics and society, with residence and work or study in the relevant countries. With its integrated interdisciplinary format, combining the study of modern literature and film with history and politics in a European as well as a national context, it remains at the forefront of courses in this field. All five languages are available for post-A level study (or equivalent), in addition to Italian and Russian for beginners.

The BSc in International Management and Modern Languages, provided jointly with the School of Management, meets the demand for a programme that combines management skills with the study of a language (French, German and Spanish) set against its social, economic and political background. Here, too, residence and work or study in the relevant country including Latin America for Spanish forms an integral part of the programme.

The popular BSc in Politics with Economics both reflects the growing available expertise in politics teaching and research, while a range of Politics and a European Language degree programmes (French/German/Italian/Russian/Spanish and Politics) builds on that expertise and enhances students' choice.

The recent introduction of the Politics with International Relations degree reflects the strengths which the Department has in those fields, including notable areas of expertise outside Europe, including for example courses on the USA.

Serving the University community as a whole, the English Language Centre provides language services for the international student population, as well as a variety of specialised courses. The Foreign Languages Centre provides courses in a wide range of languages at all levels for students throughout the University who wish to complement their own degree programmes with proficiency in a foreign language. This opportunity also exists, of course, for students in our own Department who wish to gain or maintain proficiency in a language other than those they are studying as part of their degree.

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