Department of Estates

Planning and records

The Planning and Records team was established in September 2009 and is responsible for maintaining the space information and records for the estate.

The team has successfully improved the accessibility to information relating to the estate including:

  • the asbestos register
  • scanned drawings and documents
  • operational procedures and plans.

The self-service document control system, 'Rapid Access', is used across the University as well as within our own department.

The implementation of a formal process for capital procurement, refurbishment and maintenance projects has significantly improved the quality of the documentation handed over in Health and Safety and Operation and Maintenance manuals. This process will soon be electronic with the rollout of a bespoke Project Execution Plan web-based system.

Room usage and space information

Space information is available to all departments through a web-based Space Management System. If you need access to this system, please contact Estates Helpdesk.

Archibus and Person Finder are now linked, so if you keep your staff information in Person Finder up-to-date, the Space Management System shows who occupies which room and can help with capacity planning.

Room plans by department usage and energy rating are also available.