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Annual sustainability reports

These reports chart the University's progress in meeting its sustainability targets.

Energy and Environment Report 2019

The purpose of this report is to provide an annual update to Executive from the Sustainability and Carbon Management Steering Group (SCMSG) on the University’s performance against the targets set within the Environmental Policy 

Executive Summary

  • Electricity consumed down 2% over the last 2 years despite two major new buildings being built (4.5% or £160k worth of improvement if these were taken into account).
  • Energy consumption and water usage lower than 12 years ago despite significant growth. When growth taken into account:

o  Electricity use per m2 floor area 26% lower

o  Gas use per m2 floor area 28% lower

o  Water use per m2 floor area 42% lower

o  Saving £1.5m annually


  • Carbon  emissions  dow 22%  since  2005,  a  period  of  significant  growth  in  the Universitys student population and physical infrastructure. Emissions per m2 building floor area are down 42% over the same period.
  • Self-generated electricity now accounts for 9% of our total use our CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants have generated £300k of electricity this year, enough to power 600 houses, while also recycling their waste heat on site.
  • 4274 bags of charity donations collected and donated to British Heart Foundation instead of going to landfill, raising £60k from 'end of term' unwanted food, clothing, crockery and appliances.
  •  Accommodation and Hospitality Services maintained certification to the ISO 14001
  •  Electricity costs to rise significantly; energy bills likely to increase by £1-2m over next 3-4 years due to price increases and planned University expansion.
  • University continues to operate with 100% green renewable electricity supply, now accross whole estate.
  • A Fairtrade University since 2009, and awarded Fairtrade Goldawards in 2018 and 2019.
  • Sustainability and Citizenship is a key theme of the Curriculum Transformation project.


Energy and Environment Report 2019

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