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Carbon management plan

A great deal of work on Carbon Management and energy-saving has taken place in the University over previous years.

We were the very first UK University to take part in the Carbon Trust Higher Education Carbon Management Scheme in 2003.

We produced a new Carbon Management Plan in 2011 setting out our targets and a plan to achieve them. This plan was hailed as an 'exemplar for the sector' by The Carbon Trust. This plan and our targets are reported publicly and to our governing council in our annual reports.

We have achieved a reduction in absolute real terms in our carbon emissions while expanding the University significantly.

Since 2005:

  • Carbon emissions down 17%
  • Emissions per m2 building floor area down 34%
  • Emissions per student down 36%
  • Emissions per £ turnover down 48%

Summary of the Carbon Management Plan

Carbon Management Plan in full

Energy and Environment 2018 annual report