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Carbon management plan

A great deal of work on Carbon Management and energy-saving has taken place in the University over the previous few years.

We were the very first University to take part in the Carbon Trust Higher Education Carbon Management Scheme in 2003. We recently achieved a target to reduce our carbon emissions by 12.5% per m 2 building floor area, and we have already achieved £0.5m of annual savings from our electricity consumption compared to 4 years ago with 1,360 tCO 2 saved annually.

An ever-evolving situation, however, has led to a new approach being required. The issue of climate change and any organisation's responsibility to reduce carbon emissions is seen as more pressing than ever.

The expectations of our students, staff and external stakeholders for our organisation to be incorporating sustainability in its key aims are increasing. The Climate Change Act (2008) has set emissions reduction targets for the UK , and these are being implemented in the HE sector via challenging targets set by HEFCE.

There was also seen to be a need to revisit the previous Carbon Trust process from 2003 which was then in its infancy, and to build on this work as the original process has been improved and updated. The Carbon Management Plan is the key output from this process.

The purpose of this Plan is to set out a road map for the next five years of how the University intends to achieve its own internal targets, covering technical projects, policy changes and the financing to make it happen.

Summary of the Carbon Management Plan

Carbon Management Plan in full