Department of Estates

Sustainability and Carbon Management Steering Group

The Executive Committee established the Sustainability and Carbon Management Steering Group in Spring 2011. It replaces SALCAG (the Sustainability and Low Carbon Advisory Group).


  • Chair – a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Group (appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)
  • Director of Estates
  • Head of Safety, Health and Environment
  • Energy and Environment Manager
  • Waste & Recycling Manager
  • A senior representative of Sports Development and Recreation (appointed by the Director of Sport)
  • A senior representative of Accommodation and Hospitality Services (appointed by the Head of Accommodation and Hospitality Services)
  • A senior representative of Purchasing Services (appointed by the Head of Purchasing)
  • Up to 2 academic members of staff (appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)
  • Students’ Union Representative (appointed by the SU President)
  • Director of Policy and Planning and the Head of Financial Services to receive papers and attend for relevant business.

Terms of reference

  1. Provide co-ordination of the Sustainability agenda across the University.
  2. Monitor progress towards objectives and targets set out in the Carbon Management Plan and the Environmental Policy.
  3. Keep under review the University’s Carbon Management Plan and Environmental Policy, with any significant changes being recommended to the VCG and/or the Executive Committee.
  4. To make recommendations in respect of necessary funding of initiatives for carbon reduction and sustainability improvement for discussion and agreement at VCG, Executive and Finance Committee as appropriate. This would include the identification of external forms of grant funding.
  5. Consider and prioritise projects which contribute to the achievement of the University’s carbon reduction targets.
  6. Publicise the University's performance against the University’s Carbon Management Plan and Environmental Policy and other relevant benchmarks.
  7. Provide an annual report to the Executive Committee on progress made.
  8. Establish, disestablish and oversee membership of any necessary sub-group e.g. a Biodiversity Sub-Group.


The Group will report, via the Chair, to the Vice-Chancellor's Group, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee as appropriate. The Minutes of the meetings will be circulated to the Director of Policy and Plananing, and the Head of Financial Services.

The Group will produce an Annual Report to be submitted to Executive Committee.


The Group will meet four times a year.

The most recent meeting was on 23 January 2017 and the next meeting the date is to be advised.


1 May, 2018

22 January, 2018

23 October, 2017

15 May, 2017

23 January, 2017

24 October, 2016