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Welcome to GREEN IMPACT 2011/2012

Green Impact Awards!!

The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday 1 May to celebrate the success of all 38 teams, the Special awards and auditors. This year, 5 teams achieved Working Towards, 16 bronze, 8 Silver and 9 Gold, with Accommodation Green Motivators as the overall winners and the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology as the only academic achieving Gold. Congratulations to you all, see here for pictures from the day and here for full list of awards (should you wish to print/use these photos, please note, they are for private use only).

Overall winners - Accommodation Green Motivators Sally Lampkin Award winners!!


Green Impact

The second year of this very successful initiative was launched on Monday 3 October 2011, when an email with the link to register on the extended online workbook was sent out to all the teams. Click here for a summary of progress so far.

The Green Impact initiative is supported by Kevin Edge, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, who comments: Concepts such as sustainability and behavioural change are important to our everyday lives, both in society in general and within this University. This exciting project is another step in engaging staff to undertake the appropriate actions.

This year there is a new Gold section to the workbook, which contains over 80 criteria that will enable teams to improve departmental practices with a more in-depth and wide-ranging impact. The criteria include reducing water consumption and energy efficiency of appliances, business miles of staff, clothing suppliers and biodiversity considerations. The Gold category award will be achieved by attaining a certain number of points, rather than compliance with all criteria, so allowing departments to select aspects of particular concern/interest to them.

Students are being actively encouraged to take part in Green Impact this year. They are involved in their departmental teams, the GI Leadership group, maintaining Facebook and Twitter, promoting environmental issues around the campus, Global Future 2012 and possibly developing a Green Clinic idea.

A wiki space has been set up so that the teams have an opportunity to share good practice and ideas generally. This year, the wiki is the main communication channel for participants in Green Impact and includes a Twitter feed.

For general details about Green Impact please see here.

Green Impact 'Get Together' see here

'Talks with an Environmental Focus' - see here

Energy & Environment Team - see here









  • Peter Phelps at the Energy Champions Event held at The Guildhall, Bath. Picture taken by Paul Groom of Paul Groom Photography

  • Peter Phelps
    Energy & Environment Manager
    tel: 01225 38 6085
  • Phil Auger, Energy Engineer, receives Energy Efficiency Accreditation Award from Dame Ellen MacArthur in Dec 2007

  • Phil Auger
    Energy Engineer
    tel: 01225 38 4599