Department of Estates

District heating turn on

Thu Sep 14 11:05:00 BST 2017

The warm up of the University district heating system will start during the week commencing Tuesday, 12 September 2017.
This year, due to major refurbishment works over the summer, the district heating system is being warmed up early to allow for testing and commissioning. Please note, heating may be intermittent during this period.
Buildings connected to the district heating system are all the buildings that surround the parade, and also 3 East, 6 East, 8 East, 7 West and 9 West.
Unfortunately, the heating in 2 West will not be available until early October. This is due to engineering difficulties in replacing sections of the heating main (which rise from level 1 to level 4), while keeping the building operational.
During the week commencing 18 September, all other University buildings which are not connected to the district heating system will be turned on separately and checked for problems. This means that not all buildings will come on at the same time.
Sports and residential buildings will be turned on as required in agreement with departmental managers.
Problems do occur at this stage as large heating systems need to warm up.
Please report heating issues via  Report A Fault
In an emergency, please call Estates Helpdesk on ext 3232.