Department of Estates

4 East Roof Replacement

Wed Oct 31 10:42:00 GMT 2018

The 4 East roof replacement project has begun today, 31 October. The is due for completion on 19 April, 2019.


Access to the 4 East Central Courtyard will be restricted for the full duration of the project. Access restrictions may also apply to some areas within 4 East at certain stages of the works. However, the contractors will contact the relevant departments and occupants before proceeding with any internal access restrictions.


The area of Underdeck between 2 East and 4 East will be fenced off for the contractors site compound.


The scaffolding is being erected today, 31 October. The scaffolding will be in close proximity to 4 East and may restrict the opening of some windows. Please note, the window ventilation will not be effected.


There may be short spells of solvent smell caused during certain stages of the works. This smell is not harmful and will dissipate shortly after use.


Due to the type of works there may be periods of noise. However, the contractors will endeavour to keep the level of noise and periods of disruption to a minimum.


We apologise for the short notice and for any inconvenience that may be caused. Should you have any queries, please contact the Department of Estates Helpdesk via email on