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Commemorative trees

Sometimes individuals or groups would like to commemorate members of the University community.

Arranging a memorial

The Development and Alumni Relations Department is responsible for memorials on campus.

If you wish to have a memorial at the University, please contact Stewardship Manager Georgina Lyons at 01225 383681 or email

Tree species

One of the options is to make a contribution towards enhancing the campus by either funding a memorial bench, or by planting a commemorative shrub or tree. If you decide on this route, we can then help further with your choices.

The tree species that we would prefer to plant and establish on our alkaline, shallow soil are as follows:

  • Birches (Betula)
  • Ornamental maples (Acer)
  • Beech varieties (Fagus)
  • Katsura trees (Cercidiphyllum)
  • Hornbeam varieties (Carpinus)
  • Strawberry trees (Arbutus)
  • Alder varieities (Alnus)
  • Norway maple (Acer platanoides)
  • Manna ash (Fraximus ornus)
  • Whitebeam (Sorbus aria)
  • Austrian pine (Pinus nigra)
  • Corsican pine (Pinus maritima)
  • Horse chestnut (Aesculus)
  • Magnolia species and varieties

For more information about the types of trees available, please contact Landscaping team at 01225 385552 or email

The trees are planted in designated 'quiet gardens' on campus which are a great place to take breaks to get away from it all.

 Quiet garden

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Commemorative Trees