Department of Estates

Report a fault

Our Helpdesk and Portering teams will promptly deal with any physical faults you report on campus.

Use the Maintenance Request  to tell us about a maintenance issue.

To help us respond quickly please have the following information ready:

  • building name or number
  • floor
  • room
  • description of the problem.

The Department of Estates' budget covers the cost of the upkeep of the University. However, some works are chargeable to individual departments, please see our list of maintenance responsibilities.

Work request raising guidance

There is a guide detailing how to raise work requests using the new CAFM system.

Prioritising work requests

We prioritise all work requests using our available resources. We aim to respond to each priority within a set space of time.

** PLEASE NOTE: The new CAFM reporting system will  currently detail the priority numbers in a different order ie Priority 1: standard, 2: emergency, 3: urgent, 4:important, 5: agreed with client etc**

Priority Response time
Priority 1: emergency Immediate two hours
Priority 2: urgent Less than 24 hours
Priority 3: important Less than three days
Priority 4: standard Less than seven days
Priority 5: normal Agreed date

We have set ourselves a target of 100% response rate for priority 1 and 85% response rate for priorities 2, 3, 4 & 5. Read more about how we decide on priorities.