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Service Level Documents

Facilities Services work hard to keep the University clean and tidy. They work to a service level document/agreement. Each building has their own service level. This document contains an overview of the standards the facilities team aim to achieve. You can find your buildings service level document/Agreement below.

Carpet cleaning

To get a quote and to schedule office carpet cleaning please email your Portering Team Leader. Once we confirm the quote, you must raise an Agresso order to cover cleaning supplies, machinery use and hours used.

Please report spills as a Maintenance Request (Green Button). If this turns out to be chargeable, this will be done using a chitty with signatures and project codes from the requesting department. We will then send the charge through Agresso.

The maintenance of corridors and public areas is the responsibility of the cleaning team within the building.

Window cleaning

We are responsible for cleaning all external windows at floor level and all internal windows that can be reached at a reasonable level.

High reach window cleaning is done around the site with a reach and wash system. Please email Facilities Manager Sharon Ventress for a quote. You must raise an Agresso order to cover cleaning supplies, machinery use and hours used. 

High rise buildings on site will have to use a specialist window cleaning company with the appropriate equipment. Your department will be responsible for arranging and paying for the company's services.

For further detailed information, please contact the Department of Estates helpdesk or Facilities Manager Sharon Ventress.

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