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Report a phone fault

If you are experiencing a fault with your telephone, please carry out a first test yourself by changing your telephone for one which is known to be working and plug this into the socket. Make sure to remove double adaptors and extension leads.

If the fault persists, it is likely that the line is faulty. Report the fault to the switchboard operators by:

  1. Emailing the Telecoms Team giving full details of the fault including the extension number, location and a contact name and number.
  2. Or via the Estates Report a fault link

If it is found that the telephone is faulty, you can take it to the Telephone Exchange, located at the Estates Office, and change it for a new one.

Telephone faults in student accommodation

In the first instance students should get a replacement phone from the Residential Services Centre on campus, or from the Housekeeper at off-campus locations.

If this does not clear the fault, then it should be reported to the Residential Services Centre on campus and to the Housekeeper off-campus, giving full details of the fault, including extension numbers, exact numbers, exact locations and a contact name.

Phone user guides

These reference guides are for IP phones in use on campus. You will find the model number at the top of the phone.

Service costs

  • Installing a new line and analogue handset - £160
  • VOIP handset - £200
  • Installing a parallel line - £90
  • Line move - £90
  • Annual extension rental - £100
  • Annual voicemail box rental - £20
  • VOIP handset - £200 (for a basic 5312 model). Email the Telecoms Team for a price for other handset models

All prices are plus VAT

Telephone installation changes and office moves

To ensure that full maintenance cover is available on the telephone system, up to the socket outlet and for the University to hold accurate details of its telephone extensions and cabling, it is important that all alterations to the telephone system are controlled.

Detailed requests for alterations should be made giving an indication of timescales. If system programming can do alterations, i.e. swapping numbers, one working day's notice is sufficient. More detailed changes may need external telecoms assistance which will lengthen the process.  

Activating your voicemail

To use voicemail:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include your extension number and your name.
  3. State if you would like email notification of messages.
  4. We will send you the voicemail user guide.
  5. Record your message.
  6. Email us immediately, stating that you have created your message and requesting us to make you live on the system.

Please note: Permission is required from your budget holder as there is an annual charge of £20. The budget holder should send an authorisation email to the Telecoms Team.

Making conference calls - on an analogue phone (refer to the user guides below for IP handsets)

A conference call enables up to six telephone users to speak to each other at one time.

Start your conference call by calling a single person as you normally would. To add an additional person to the a conference call:

  1. Press the Recall 'R' button and listen for holding dial tone.
  2. Select the extension or outside number of the person to be added. Abbreviated codes may also be used. e.g. internal extension numbers.
  3. Inform the person that you will be adding them to the conference call.
  4. Press Recall 'R' to receive dial tone and select '*' and '4'.

The call is now joined to the conference.

Repeat as necessary with up to six callers.



Download the Telecoms informational leaflet

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