University of Bath

Encountering memories

In this seminar, Doreen Pastor will examine the visitor experiences at Flossenbürg, Ravensbrück, House of the Wannsee Conference and Bautzen Stasi prison.

10 May 20181.15pm
10 May 20182.05pm

When Shahak Shapira launched his Yolocaust project, which projected selfies from the Berlin Holocaust memorial onto footage from Nazi extermination camps, an international debate condemning this visitor behaviour commenced.

Shapira's project certainly achieved its intention; provoking a debate about the future of memorialisation. Yet, it does not answer some fundamental questions:

  • How do visitors engage with these sites?
  • What do they expect and how can we make them relevant for contemporary audiences?

In this seminar, Doreen Pastor will summarise her research into visitor research at four memorial sites in Germany. She will explore how visitors navigate these sites and most importantly, what the obstacles are in managing these sites for the contemporary visitor.