University of Bath

Images of research - engaging people with your research in plain English

This workshop will help you identify key themes of your research and their associated impact, and write about them in plain English.

28 Mar 201810.15am
28 Mar 20181.05pm

There are many compelling reasons for promoting your research outside of your immediate academic circle, but taking a complex topic and making it understandable by audiences who may not be familiar with the area or the terminology used can be tricky.

This interactive workshop will help you to identify key themes of your research and their associated impact, and support you to write about them in plain English. You will learn how to write in a way that takes into consideration your target audience, using appropriate register and tone.

The workshop will draw on examples from the University’s Images of Research competition (see: This competition provides researchers, from postgraduate level upwards, the chance to tell people about their research through an eye-catching image and an associated, simple 150 word description. Thousands of people view the images each year, so the competition provides a great opportunity to promote your research.

It is hoped that attendance at the workshop will inspire you to enter the 2018 Images of Research competition although this isn’t compulsory. The learning from the workshop will be transferable to other formats, such as writing popular articles for the likes of The Conversation, writing for grant proposals, and so on.

Learning outcomes

This practical workshop is designed to help you:

  • identify the key themes of your research and the associated impact
  • look at ways to ‘de-jargonise’ your research to make it easier to understand
  • consider the suitability of content, of register and tone, for a target audience
  • write about / present your research in an engaging and understandable way
  • write about your research very concisely and summarise it in a short statement