University of Bath

Searching for patent information

Learn about the Library's main sources for patent documents, including how to search them and what information they contain.

28 Feb 201810.15am
28 Feb 201812.05pm

This workshop will look at the Library's main sources for patent documents, how to search these databases and what they tell you about the patents themselves. We will focus on the Espacenet database but will also look briefly at the US service USPTO and other databases useful for finding patents, for example, GooglePatents and SciFinder. We will include an introduction to the patenting process and how to read a patent because it is relevant to the literature searching process, but this is not aimed at researchers who want to take out a patent.

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • understand what a patent is and how to read it
  • know where to search for patent documents
  • be able to search the patent databases effectively
  • understand what information the patent databases provide