University of Bath

Working with Children in the Context of Insecurity, Neglect and Abuse

What's special about animal relationships? Part of the Minerva Series of lectures

28 Feb 20185.15pm
28 Feb 20186.15pm
A girl with a dog
Children can be helped by their relationships with animals

Working with children suffering from insecure attachment and/or issues related to neglect and abuse can frequently be challenged by a general mistrust of adults. A small (but growing) area of research has begun to demonstrate that relationships with animals hold great potential to circumvent some of these difficulties, helping to reach children’s inner world and to reestablish a sense of trust, emotional connection, and security. In this talk, Dr Sam Carr reviews the work in this area to date, drawing upon real life examples from his research (in the context of foster care) and the broader Animal Assisted Therapy literature.