Microscopy and Analysis Suite

What do we do?

Play the video Some of the methods and equipment we use in the MAS.

Our prime function is to provide microscopy and analysis equipment and expertise to support research. A range of instruments is available including electron microscopes with X-ray analysis, confocal laser scanning, high content, raman and scanning probe microscopes and flow cytometers. We provide training for undergraduates and postgraduates in all aspects of microscopy and regularly organise workshops and conferences related to microscopy.


Research images

CLSM - Neural tube of mutant chick embryo. Professor Cheryll Tickle, B&B.
SEM - Cis bilamellatus Wood. An invasive beetle that lives in bracket fungi. Dr Glenda Orledge, B&B.
SEM -Catalytic converter microstructure. Dr Justin O’Byrne, Chem Eng.
SEM - Zinc oxide crystals. Daniel Adams, Chemistry
TEM -Bacteriophage of Myoviridae family. Jessica Bean, Chemistry
TEM - Nanoparticles of MgOH2.  Catalysis and Process Integration Group, Chemical Engineering.



Industrial consultancy

Our industrial consultancy services offer detailed and profressional analysis reports.

The microscopy and analysis suite offers a range of comprehensive services, please see our industrial consultancy page for more information.