Microscopy and Analysis Suite

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Electron microscopy

To use electron microscopes contact Ursula (U.J.Potter@bath.ac.uk) or Philip (p.j.fletcher@bath.ac.uk)

Scanning Electron Microscopy


This microscope allows easy, intuitive operation with a specimen chamber that is able to accommodate large samples and a motorised stage allowing quick and easy specimen positioning. A 'Low Vacuum' mode enables samples normally unstable in a high vacuum, or that have a tendency to 'charge', to be examined. Pharmaceutical particles, fibres or electronic components may be viewed without coating. A high sensitivity backscattered electron detector is fitted for compositional imaging. Features include:

  • Low vacuum mode - for charging, uncoated and out-gassing samples.
  • Backscattered electron detector for compostional and topographic imaging.
  • Oxford INCA X-ray analyser - mapping, line scan, point ID, quantitative analysis.
  • Magnifications up to 300,000x (with an ideal sample).
  • Large sample chamber (up to 20cm).
  • Fully automated stage controls.


This field emission scanning electron microscope allows high resolution imaging. Features include:

  • Magnifications up to 500,000x (with an ideal sample)
  • Imaging at low accelerating voltages of 1-5KV

Transmission Electron Microscope

JEOL JEM-2100Plus

A multipurpose transmission electron microscope combining JEM-2100 optical system with an advanced control system for enhanced ease of operation. Features include:

  • 200 kV maximum operating voltage.
  • LaB6 electron gun for excellent performance with reasonable running costs.
  • ‘TEM Centre’ control software - an intuitive user interface designed to maximize ease of operation.
  • A digital STEM system fully integrated into the TEM and BF & HAADF detectors.
  • Oxford Instruments large area EDS detector and Aztec analysis software.
  • 3-D precision placement of beam on sample using STEM/HAADF mode to facilitate high resolution elemental mapping.