Microscopy and Analysis Suite

computer chip elemental map in colour


Mrs Ursula Potter
Tel: 01225 385651
Technical manager

Industrial consultancy


An important role of the MAS is to make its services and expertise widely available. To this end we are always interested in expanding our contacts with Industry, Government and Commerce for consultancy work or staff training. Details of equipment available in MAS are found under 'Facilities'. Our services allow access to a variety of microscopy techniques and equipment and include:

  • An initial consultation at no charge to discuss your requirements with examples of the type of results that can be achieved.
  • An analytical service package (send a sample to us and we send you images and/or analyses).
  • Training of your staff to operate MAS instruments at a reduced charge per hour.
  • Training in all aspects of sample preparation, microscopy and analysis including quality control and standardisation.
  • Lectures or seminars on all aspects of microscopy.
  • A link to other laboratories and experts within the University of Bath.


An initial consultation is free. Please contact staff to discuss your specific requirements. A charge is associated with sample preparation (laboratory charge) but may be included in an overall quote for a piece of work.


Facility Charge per hour
Scanning Electron Microscope £130
Transmission Electron Microscope £140
Raman Microscopy/Analys £105
FTIR Analysis £65
Scanning Probe Microscope (AFM) £105
Laboratory charges £65