Microscopy and Analysis Suite

internal users

Internal users

Postgraduate and undergraduate student users of MAS facilities should ensure they have permission from their supervisor to use the instruments before contacting MAS staff. A project code for charging purposes is required and should be obtained from a supervisor.

Charges for use of facilities

From 1 February 2018 - 31 January 2019.

Facility Charge per hour
Electron Microscopes £27.80
Atomic Force Microscope £30.83
FTIR £19.89
Raman microscope £30.10
Laboratory £19.48
Confocal LSM880 £31.26
Confocal META £31.26
FACs Canto £28.46
FACs Aria III £33.62
In Cell Analyser £35.43
CLARIOstar £13.80
Hypoxic Cabinets £12.89
Leica DMi8 £14.22