Microscopy and Analysis Suite

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New internal users

New users of MAS facilities should attend an induction plus a one-to-one training session with staff. These will address health and safety issues and hands-on instruction in the operation of a particular instrument with user samples and advice on sample preparation.

Trained users will have access to a comprehensive library of preparation, imaging and analysis protocols and methods plus use of our Booking System.

It is essential that new users familiarize themselves with the MAS safety booklet [PDF].

To arrange induction and training sessions contact Ursula u.j.potter@bath.ac.uk, or Philip p.j.fletcher@bath.ac.uk


Lecture courses also take place at the start of the academic year and provide an understanding of complex biological or materials sample preparation methods as well as the theory behind the operation of different instruments. Information about lecture courses is sent to departments and current MAS users in October

Industry and other external users

We offer similar services to external users - please email u.j.potter@bath.ac.uk for more information. Enquiries from industry are always welcome, for additional information please see our industrial consultancy page.