David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility



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Mask-based optical lithography is centred around a Karl Süss MJB3 UV contact mask aligner configured for top side alignment and capable of registration and printing of designs with resolution down to 1μm.

Alternatively maskless lithography can be performed with a Heidelberg Instruments μPG 101 Direct Laser Writer Lithography System capable of sub-micron patterning.

Two Headway spinners and a range of optical resists are available to support this work. Four laminar flow cabinets provide locations for sample cleaning, resist development and metal lift-off.

Equipment Capabilities
MBJ 3 Karl Süss Mask Aligner
  • exposure of thin and thick resist materials
  • ultimate resolution ~ 1μm
  • substrates up to 75mm in diameter
  • masks up to 100 mm x 100 mm in size.
Heidelberg Instruments μPG 101 Direct Laser Writer
  • maskless lithography with sub-micron resolution
  • substrates up to 125 x 125 mm²
  • 375 nm laser source for exposure of standard and UV resists such as SU-8
  • vector and raster exposure mode
  • 3D exposure mode available.
2 Spin coaters PWM 32 Headway
  • first spinner is dedicated to PMMA films 
  • second spinner coats diazo-type resists.
4 fume cupboards
  • first bench is dedicated to HF
  • second bench is used for etches/developers
  • third and fourth bench host organic chemicals.