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surface characterisation

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Surface characterisation

Characterisation of samples is achieved through the use of various stylus profiling, optical and electron beam microscopy.

This includes a Veeco Multimode Scanning Probe Microscope which can be used in a number of imaging modes (AFM/STM/MFM) and a Veeco Dektak surface profiler for larger features.

A number of optical microscopes are available for imaging down to ~1 μm, whilst the Hitachi S-4300 SEM can be used for imaging smaller structures.

Equipment Capabilities
Dektak 6M mechanical contact profilometry Resolution of surface steps with 10nm accuracy
Atomic Force Microscope Veeco - Digital Instruments Resolution of surface profiles from atomic scales up to 200 microns in the plane and 10 microns vertically depending on the tip and setup
Three optical microscopes Light and dark field imaging down to the micron scale
Hitachi SEM Imaging of conducting samples down to the nanometre scale