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thin film deposition

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Thin film deposition

 A variety of thin film deposition systems are available. These include Edwards thermal or electron beam coaters, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition for Si3N4 and SiO2 and dual ion beam sputtering for SiO2, Al, Ti and various other insulators and metals.

Equipment Capabilities
Edwards FL-400 electron beam evaporator Electron beam evaporation of thin metal films: Al, Ni, Ti, Au, Pt, Pd, Cr
Edwards AUTO 306 thermal evaporator Thermal evaporation of thin metal films: Au, Ge, Ni, Ti, Cr, Cu, Al, Ag
Nordiko 3000 DIBS
Large sputtering system with dual ion gun source
Sputtering in Ar and reactive sputtering using N2 and O2 of: Au, Ni, ITO, Ti, Al, Cr
Plasma Therm 790 series PECVD Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of various inorganic thin films e.g. SiO2