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The central register – Appendices

Appendix A

Format of Asset Register - an example

Format of Asset Register - Appendix A

Appendix B

A department should set up procedures such that the responsible person is informed when an item has been delivered in order to update the register.

The procedures will vary from department to department. In some cases the person responsible for the register will be the same person who orders the equipment. In other departments the register controller will not necessary know that an item has been purchased and in these cases an internal system will need to be implemented.

One method may be to continue to complete the inventory addition form for items under £25K and for that form to be passed directly to the register controller (the form will no longer be needed in the Finance Office unless in excess of £25K).

Whatever approach is used it would be sensible for the department to document those procedures and circulate as appropriate within the department.

Appendix C

Procedure for disposals - Equipment disposals form

Appendix C - Procedure for Disposals