Finance & Procurement

Personal subscriptions

In general, personal subscriptions to professional bodies and academic/learned societies are a personal liability and should not be charged to any funds administered by the University. An individual can claim income tax relief on subscriptions to professional bodies provided that the body is on the Inland Revenue list of approved organisations.

Subscriptions to professional bodies, academic associations and societies MAY be charged to University funds in two circumstances:

  1. Where the Head of Department has deemed that individual membership is necessary for the purposes of course accreditation or research functionality and the body is on an approved University list (see below). The Head of Department must authorise any such payment request.
  2. Where membership is corporate, or where the individual is a member because they are representing the University in their role here. Examples of these are: Universities UK, HE Liaison Officers Association, Placement in Industry Network, HE associations of heads of academic or administrative departments.