Finance & Procurement

Year end accounting procedures

Our year end accounting procedures ensure the University produces accurate statutory accounts.

Procedures in place at the end of the University financial year, on 31 July, and immediately following the start of the new financial year, on August 1, ensure financial transactions are recorded in the correct year.

View the year end deadline dates.

Workflow approval

The timely approval of expenditure transactions and journals through workflow in Agresso is essential for meeting the year end deadline dates.

All staff with approval responsibilities should clear their task list regularly as the year end approaches. The final cut-off date is 8 August 2018.

Workflow substitute

Staff with approval rights must nominate a workflow substitute to cover any absence or leave. Failure to do this during the year end period may result in transactions not being approved and recorded in the wrong year.

Accounting period

The University’s default accounting period will remain as July 2018 until close of business Wednesday, 8 August, when Agresso period 201812 closes and period 201801 opens for transaction postings. All transactions posted until that date will go into the old year (2017/18).

Avoid entering any transactional data, such as journals and invoices, which relate to 2018/19 until after Thursday 9 August.

Departmental returns such as a creditors return, should only be completed by staff with financial responsibility.  Please study the instructions carefully to ensure full and correct information is provided e.g. where product codes are needed.

All returns including nil returns need to be completed in full and returned to by 5pm, Friday 10 August 2018.


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