Joining a scheme

Pension information for prospective employees

There are three pension schemes operated by the University of Bath. The Terms and Conditions of your Contract of Employment will determine which scheme you are eligible to join and contain brief details of your pension scheme.

For staff on Grades 1-5 or & 6-9 and above your contract will inform you that pension deductions will begin automatically when you start work. 

If you want to opt out of the pension scheme you will need complete the “opt out” form used by the scheme and return this to the Pension Office.  The forms are available from the Pension scheme websites.  Once you have completed the form pension deductions will stop being made from your salary.

Interested in joining the University's Occupational Pension Scheme?

If you have previously "opted out" of a scheme and wish to rejoin then you will need to inform the Pension's Office in writing.