Foreign Languages Centre

FLC About us

About us

Working closely with our academic and professional colleagues and the student community, we offer language courses open to students, staff and the general public.


We are committed to making our courses accessible to all students, staff and visitors. If you need extra support to access our course, please contact us in advance so we can discuss your individual needs.

Please contact any member of staff directly if you have any questions for which you have been unable to find an answer.


Name Title
Isabella Stefanutti Head of the ForeignLanguages Centre
Shirley Batchelor Administrator, Courses for the General Public
Kelly Elice Administrator, Courses for the General Public and University Students Courses
Véronique Davis Course Leader
Khalil Estaytieh Arabic Teaching Fellow
Ana Bertolossi Portuguese Teaching Fellow
Stephanie Lelarge French Teaching Fellow
Rachel Los French Teaching Fellow
Anne-Catherine Mechler French Teaching Fellow
Elke Pawlowski German Teaching Fellow
Manuela von Papen German Teaching Fellow
Monica Albertinazzi Italian Teaching Fellow
Michela Prevedello Italian Teaching Fellow
Satoko Suzui Japanese Teaching Fellow
Daisy Zhu Mandarin Chinese Teaching Fellow
Ana Sevilla Merino Spanish Teaching Fellow
Asun Solano Spanish Teaching Fellow

Contacting and Finding us

If you have any queries please:

If you wish to visit us in person we can be found in Wessex House Room 7.7.