Foreign Languages Centre


University Staff

All evening / day courses

Our courses can offer you:

  • the convenience to study a foreign language on campus
  • the opportunity to study during your lunch break or soon after leaving the office
  • the possibility of meeting other members of staff
  • the opportunity of a discounted rate on all courses for the General Public and lunchtime languages.

If you are a member of staff at the University of Bath, you are eligible for a concessionary rate. Please download and complete an enrolment form and email this to us.

If you are a member of the general public, please enrol using our General Public page.

If you are a postgraduate student, please contact the FLC.

Please be aware that we do not offer complete beginner classes in the Summer term. If you are unsure as to your level, please refer to our language stages.

  • All courses are held at either Claverton Down Campus at the University of Bath or in Bath City Centre
  • Autumn Term starts week commencing 2nd October to week ending 15th December 2017.
  • All courses are 11 weeks long 
  • Evening classes are £110
  • Lunchtime classes are £77
  • German Advanced (2 hour class) is £140
  • Mandarin Chinese 1A (2 hour class) is £140
  • German 3A (2 hour class) is £140
  • Italian Advanced (2 hour class) is £140
  • Enrolments are now open. 
Day & Time
Arabic 1A Tuesday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Arabic 2A Wednesday, 18:45-20:15 Campus
Lunchtime Arabic 1A Tuesday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
French 1A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
French 2A Tuesday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
French 3A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
French 4A Wednesday, 18:45-20:15 Campus
French Advanced A Tuesday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Lunchtime French 3A Tuesday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
Coming back to French A Friday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
German 1A Wednesday, 18:15-19:45 Campus
German 2A Monday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
German 3A Wednesday, 18:00-20:00 Campus
German Advanced A Tuesday, 18:00-20:00 City Centre
Lunchtime German 1A Wednesday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
Italian 1A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Italian 2A Wednesday, 18:45-20:15 Campus
Italian Advanced A Wednesday, 18:15-19:45 Campus
Italian Advanced A Thursday, 15:00-17:00 BRLSI
Lunchtime Italian 1A Thursday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
Lunchtime Italian 2A Wednesday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
Japanese 1A Wednesday 18:45-20:15 Campus
Japanese 2A Tuesday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Mandarin Chinese 1A Wednesday, 18:15-20:15 Campus
Brazilian Portuguese 1A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Brazilian Portuguese 2A Tuesday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Spanish 1A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Spanish 2A Monday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Spanish 3A Thursday, 19:15-20:45 Campus
Spanish 4A Wednesday 18:45-20:15 Campus
Lunchtime Spanish 1A Thursday, 13:15-14:05 Campus
Lunchtime Spanish Advanced A Thursday, 13:15-14:05  Campus