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Languages are passports to life enabling you to become a global citizen. You’ll foster communication and broaden your knowledge of cultures and perspectives.

The study of a foreign language enables you to pursue many job opportunities overseas. You will be able to read, write, listen and speak proficiently in the language of your chosen country.

Alongside your chosen degree programme we offer free language classes open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Learning with us

Our language classes have been running for over twenty years and are designed and delivered by qualified and experienced native speaker teachers. Studying with us will enable you to enjoy learning with a diverse group made up of members of the general public, students and staff.

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Languages we offer

Select the language or languages you are interested in studying, and choose the level you wish to study at, the day and times which suit you best and enrol now:

About our classes

We meet weekly, with classes running at different times of the day and for different lengths of time. All of our classes are fun-filled, inclusive and accessible, and will support you in your language learning. We focus our teaching on you as an individual to ensure that you get personalised input and the opportunity to shine.

Class sizes

Our classes range from a minimum of seven students to a maximum of 25 students.

Completion Certificate

On successful completion of your course you can apply to receive a certificate from us. This may be of value in increasing your employment potential in a market where language skills are highly valued, or you may simply wish to receive recognition of your achievement. We structure our courses taking the Common European Framework as a reference, so your competence will be recognised nationally and internationally.

Course materials

We will email you with details of what course materials you will need following your enrolment. This will include information about which book you will be using and how to order it.


To help you to get the best out of learning a language, we would advise you to study between classes. Your teacher will tell you at the beginning of the course what types of homework will be most appropriate to you.

As a student studying with us, you will also have access to The Language Learning Zone. This is a physical and virtual space where you can access reading resources, DVDs and specialist software programmes.


You can take 11-week courses in semester 2.

Semester 2 

5 February 2018 to 4 May 2018

Time of day Length
Daytime 50 minutes
Daytime 120 minutes
Evening 90 minutes
Evening 120 minutes

Our Evening Courses are part of our Staff and General Public programmes, and are also open to all students.