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Our full-time academic staff.

Katharina Chudzikowski Dr Katharina Chudzikowski
Research interests: careers, employment relations, cross-cultural perspectives on careers, representation of knowledge workers
Placeholder image Dr Chris Dawson
Research interests: labour economics, behavioural economics, entrepreneurship, self-employment, temporary employment, job satisfaction, incentive pay, optimism
Dr Julie Gore Dr Julie Gore
Research interests: the psychology of decision making, behavioural science, managerial cognition, qualitative research methods
Stefanie Gustafsson Dr Stefanie Gustafsson
Research interests: professional work, professional service firms (PSFs), careers, trust, qualitative research methods
Dr Nina Katrin Hansen Dr Nina Katrin Hansen
Research interests: HRM systems and intellectual capital architectures, HRM in professional service firms, organisational learning and capabilities, micro-foundations of strategic management
Veronica Hope Hailey portrait Professor Veronica Hope Hailey
Research interests: strategic change, HR strategy, trust and trust repair, employee engagement, the employment relationship.
Portrait of professor Emeritus Nicholas Kinnie Professor Emeritus Nicholas Kinnie
Research interests: Managing people and managing knowledge in professional service firms, Links between HR and performance and managing HRM in outsourced telephone call centres
Elizabeth Mamali Dr Elizabeth Mamali
Research interests: consumer culture, consumption communities, alternative modes of organising, ethnographic approaches to consumption
Juani Swart Professor Juani Swart
Research interests: managing knowledge and knowledge workers, professional service firms, intellectual capital, knowledge mapping
Svennja Tams picture Dr Svenja Tams
Research interests: careers, learning, leadership, social change
Zeynep Yalabik Dr Zeynep Yalabik
Research interests: organisational commitment, employee engagement, turnover, satisfaction with HRM practices, organisational socialisation, mergers