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Careers Service information pages

Find out about the pages you can access to help you with your career planning.


The Careers Service produces a range of information web pages that you can work through to help you understand your career options or next steps. These can help if you want to know how to get started and where your skills could lead you in the future - or if you already know what you'd like to do next and need some help to get there.

Choose a career

If you are not sure what you want to do with your career, our choose a career pages can help you. They offer advice on finding out about different careers, understanding what you may want or enjoy in a job and how to improve your employability skills.

Succeed in the selection process

If you are applying to jobs, our succeed in the selection process pages can guide you through every stage. From the start of the process when you are applying to jobs, right through to the final stages of interviews and assessment centres.

Get work experience

Our get work experience pages can help you to find opportunities for internships and other work experience.

Find a graduate job

If you are looking to start your graduate job search, these pages are a great place to start. Use them to help you with your job hunting strategy.

Find further study

Our find further study pages will help you to weigh up if further study is an option for you, and guide you through the applications process.

International students

We have a range of dedicated pages to help with career planning and the unique career concerns that you may have as an international student.

For researchers

Our pages for researchers cover common career topics specifically from a researcher's point of view.