University of Bath

Cleaning your University accommodation

What you must do to keep your accommodation clean and the cleaning services we provide.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of your accommodation.

Kitchens and communal areas

You must:

  • clean up spillages
  • keep fridges and freezers tidy and throw away unwanted food
  • keep the oven, grill pan and microwave free of cooking debris
  • keep surfaces, worktops and windowsills clear
  • wash up and put away crockery and cutlery
  • avoid leaving personal belongings in kitchens, corridors or bathrooms
  • put all rubbish and recycling in appropriate bins
  • take your rubbish to the refuse and recycling points at weekends and during University holidays
  • not throw food out of kitchen windows as this encourages vermin


You must:

  • clean the sink or en-suite bathroom regularly
  • move rubbish from the room bin to the kitchen bins each week so it can be collected
  • not store food in bedrooms or on windowsills
  • not throw food out of bedroom windows as this encourages vermin

Regular checks

We check kitchens and communal areas weekly. If you do not carry out your cleaning responsibilities, we will give you a week to improve. If you do not, you will have to pay a charge of £120 between all residents.

We will check how clean your room is every six weeks. If it is not clean enough, we will fine you £120 if you do not clean up within a week.

Our responsibilities

We clean:

  • kitchens and communal areas once a week
  • studio flats once every six weeks
  • en-suite rooms once every six weeks

We will notify you of our visit one week in advance. Once clean, a calling card will be left in the flat.

We do not clean standard bedrooms.

There is no cleaning service for Eastwood Houses 1 to 19.

Additional cleaning services

If you live in Eastwood (not houses 1 to 19), the Quads or city accommodation, you can get your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen cleaned in addition to the usual service. Prices vary depending on the service you want.