University of Bath

Emailing a group of people using a mailing list

Staff and students can email a group of staff in the same building, job family or department or a group of students in the same unit, programme or residence.

Using mailing lists

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses. They are useful if you want to send identical information to a group of recipients, saving you time and effort. You can also create your own mailing list.

Before you start

You can use mailing lists for University business only, do not use them for commercial purposes. You can use them to email short messages that are relevant to the whole group of recipients.

Do not use the mailing lists to ask students to complete surveys for research projects, instead, get guidance from the Learning and Teaching Enhancement department on advertising your research project and also use the University noticeboard to advertise research projects and surveys.

Mailing lists are updated daily using University records. For example, if a person's location is recorded as '6 West' in person finder, their email address will be included in the '6 West building' mailing list. Student mailing lists that use information sourced from Student Records about which modules they are taking are frozen each year on the 31st May. They then get refreshed on the 1st September using information for the new academic year.

Using existing mailing lists

Existing mailing lists for staff and students can be used by any member of the University with a '' email address. You can use the Outlook Web App to email the specific mailing list address you require from the lists below.

Creating and managing your own mailing lists

If you wish to create or manage your own mailing list, you can do so using the mailing lists tool.

Staff mailing lists

Staff by department

Staff by job family

Female staff by department

Staff by building

Staff are included in these lists depending on their location listed in Person Finder.

Student mailing lists

Students by departmental year group

Undergraduate students by programme

Postgraduate students by programme

Students by unit

Students by residence

Students on combined courses

These mailing list addresses are for students on combined courses studying International Management with Modern Languages, Maths with Physics and Finance with Risk or Banking.