University of Bath

Events team

We manage key University events, including Open Days, award ceremonies and building openings.

Award ceremonies

We work with teams across the University to manage the logistics for the summer and winter awards ceremonies. We also work with the University Marshal to organise the academic stage party.

Open days

We coordinate the University’s annual Open Days in June and September. We work with academic and professional service departments to make a strong first impression on prospective students and their families.

Public lectures

The University's free public lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students.

We run several public lecture programmes, including:

  • the William Herschel Society Lecture
  • the Designability Annual Lecture
  • the Gerald Walters Memorial Lecture
  • the Minerva Series of lectures

We organise each lecture including receptions where required.

Founders Day

We coordinate the annual Founders Day event celebrating the University's past, present and future.

New building openings

We are responsible for drawing up a list of guests for building openings in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor's Office, as well as making all logistical arrangements.