University of Bath

Financial support if you are leaving care

If you are leaving care or are a Foyer resident, we can provide confidential support and financial assistance to help you with your time at University.

Sources of funding

Care Leaver’s and Foyer Bursary

If you meet the definition of a Care Leaver, or are a Foyer resident and are under the age of 25 we can offer a bursary worth £1,000 per academic year.

The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 defines a Care Leaver as someone who has been in local authority care for a period of at least 13 weeks since the age of 14 and who was in care on their 16th birthday.

To apply for a Care Leaver’s and Foyer Bursary:

  1. Check you are eligible by reading the terms and conditions.
  2. Download and complete the Care Leaver's and Foyer Bursary application form.

Return the form to:

Ben Goose, Student Retention and Success Adviser
Student Services Centre
4 West
University of Bath
Claverton Down

Local authority funding

If you started your university course after September 2008, your Local Authority is required to pay you a Higher Education bursary worth £2,000.

Contact your Local Authority Leaving Care Services to find out more about what funding is available to you. If you need help to do this contact Student Money Advice.

National scholarships and bursaries

You may be eligible for support from our National Scholarship Programme or Bursary Scheme. To find out what you can apply for, check our bursaries and fee waivers information.

Hardship fund

If you find yourself in financial difficulty while at university, you can apply for our hardship fund.

The fund is available to help you cover unexpected extra costs that have come up due to circumstances beyond your control.

Eagle House Education Trust

The Eagle House Educational Trust offers financial help for students who have lived in care in Somerset.


If you are a Care Leaver or former Foyer resident, you are entitled to live in university student accommodation for 365 days a year for the duration of your course. This includes the summer vacations.

You can find out more about arranging this by visiting the West Accommodation centre on campus, or emailing

Funding from outside England

Find out more about funding from: