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Understand what is occupational health and how you can access it for yourself or your team.


Occupational health is about the impact of work related hazards and activities on the health and wellbeing of staff.  There are four main elements of occupational health at the University:

  • Post recruitment health information

  • Health & wellbeing assessments

  • Health surveillance

  • Health and specialist medical advice

Post-recruitment health information

Once someone has been offered a job at the University they are asked to complete a simple health questionnaire.  This may then trigger a second more in-depth questionnaire which is passed directly by the new employee to the medical occupational health service based at the Royal United Hospital. This is a confidential service to help ensure the University considers additional control measures where and when required.

Health and wellbeing assessments

Assessments are used to identify activities, roles or members of staff which may be susceptible to specific occupational hazards.   These assessments are then used to determine suitable health surveillance, other controls and actions to help reduce risk and maintain good health.  Some occupational health assessments are carried out in-house by the University Health, Safety & Environment Service (UHSE) and some are referred to the external medical service which is managed via contract by the Head of UHSE.

Health and wellbeing advice

The University Health, Safety & Environment Service (UHSE) can provide advice and support on a number of general health and wellbeing issues.  Members of staff can contact UHSE direct for an informal discussion although for some issues they may be advised of the need to speak to their line manager so that referral to a medical professional can be made.  Any such referral will be made to HR by the line manager and may in turn be referred to UHSE for assessment or onward referral to the external medical service. 

Specialist medical advice

The University has a contracted service with the Royal United Hospital to provide qualified occupational health support as and when required.  The contract which is managed by the Head of UHSE includes the provision of medical advice for a number of occupational health issues.  The medical professionals work to standards set by the Department of Health. Both they and UHSE work in accordance with guidance from the Health & Safety Executive.  

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