University of Bath

Getting guest tickets for your graduation award ceremony

How and when to apply for guest tickets for your family and friends.

Bringing guests to your ceremony

We guarantee up to two guest tickets for family and friends to come to your graduation ceremony.

Guaranteed ticket numbers are restricted to two per student as the venue is limited in size and we must be fair to all the students who will be graduating with you.

Getting guest tickets

You will have been able to request up to two guest tickets when you registered to attend your ceremony. You will be guaranteed these tickets if you asked for them.

Registration has now closed.

Telling us if your guests’ plans change

It's important to tell us if one or more of your guests can no longer come so we can give unneeded tickets to other people.

Use SAMIS to change the number of guests coming until 12 November. After this, you should email and let us know if one or more of your guests can no longer come.

Accessibility or other arrangements for guests

You can tell us if your guests have specific requirements when you register for your ceremony online. You can also email us.

Telling us in advance helps us to understand and plan for any additional requirements.

If you have told us about a guest with specific requirements, the ushers will have this information and be able to help you on the day.

Read more about the accessibility of the Bath Assembly Rooms.

Getting re-released tickets

After registration has closed, we will know how many guest tickets are still available. You may be able to get up to two extra tickets.

In order to be fair to all the students who will be graduating with you, no more than four guests tickets in total will be allocated to any individual student.

There is no guarantee that any extra tickets will be available.

Asking for extra guest tickets

When registering for your ceremony you will be asked if you would like to go into the draw for extra tickets. You can update your choice until 12 November 2017.

You will receive an email confirming your request.

You do not need to do anything else and we are not able to respond to enquiries relating to ticket requests.​

How we allocate tickets

We allocate extra guest tickets randomly and impartially. A Students’ Union Officer will be part of this process.

If your request is successful, we will email you by 20 November and confirm your number of guests. If you do not hear from us your request has been unsuccessful.

The random allocation will be final. Before the day of your ceremony there is no further way for you to request to bring extra guests. Any reasons why you would like to bring extra guests will not factor into the random allocation process. This is to ensure that the process is as fair as possible to everyone.

Extra tickets on the day

Sometimes, due to last-minute cancellations, there can be extra tickets available on the day.

Your guests without tickets should go to the registration desk in the Assembly Rooms 30 minutes before your ceremony starts. If any tickets have become available they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tickets on the day are not guaranteed. You should not rely on tickets becoming available.