University of Bath

On Track to Bath for Post-16 students

On Track to Bath is a free two-year curriculum enhancement programme for under-represented post-16 students to support entry to higher education.

Four On Track to Bath male and female students sat behind a table at an event here on campus
On Track to Bath students at an event here on campus

Who should take part in On Track to Bath

On Track to Bath is for students who are academically gifted and whose background may make them less likely to go to a leading university. Some of these students may not be considering going to university at all.

We give priority to our Link Schools and Colleges. Students must also meet the application criteria for On Track to Bath.

How your students benefit

On Track to Bath will improve your students' attainment and develop their higher-order thinking and academic study skills.

It will also help your students to make an informed choice about their university course. They will get a taste of university by spending time on campus.

Your students take part in many activities​ throughout Years 12 and 13. During this time, they will get:

  • first-hand experience of life at university (including a three-day residential stay on campus)
  • workshops to enhance their subject knowledge, broaden their understanding and help them to achieve the grades that they need at A Level
  • opportunities to develop their independent learning and research skills through a project on a topic of their choice
  • practical research experience to equip them for success in the Extended Project Qualification and prepare them for university study
  • the knowledge they need to make informed choices about university courses and a strong UCAS application
  • the confidence and skills to succeed in higher education
  • additional consideration at the point of admissions if they apply to a course at the University of Bath

Your students also get to:

  • explore and take advantage of university facilities
  • attend lectures and presentations delivered by university academics
  • meet departmental admissions tutors
  • work with current University of Bath students

We work in partnership with your school or college.

What your student will be doing

Year 1

The first year includes four compulsory parts:

  • regular workshop sessions at the University of Bath designed to broaden their understanding of their chosen subject area
  • the completion of a research project on a topic of their choice designed to develop the independent learning and research skills.
  • attendance at a three-day residential at the University of Bath that will give them first-hand experience of university life and prepare them for that first step into Higher Education
  • attendance at the UNet Choices Conference to give them the necessary tools and information to make informed choices about which university to apply and approach the UCAS application process with confidence

The research project will be particularly useful for students taking an Extended Project Qualification.

Year 2

The second year of the programme includes:

  • workshops to help them make a competitive UCAS application, write a strong personal statement and develop their interview skills
  • study skills workshops designed to broaden and enhance their knowledge and understanding, and help to raise their attainment at A Level
  • opportunities to discover more about student life including how to make the most of their budget, what to expect from social life at university, social and leisure opportunities, academic and personal support, and tips and advice on survival skills for independent living

How we support your students

Your students will get regular support in their studies from academic specialists. They will also receive ongoing support from their coordinating tutor throughout On Track to Bath. All our coordinating tutors are trained teachers.

We also use the University’s online learning system to support them. Your students will receive login details for this system.

On Track to Bath subjects

Our coordinating tutors run activities for four main subject areas:

Watch this video with your students to find out about On Track to Bath