University of Bath

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) for languages

Find out about our programme, and how it can help you to develop your language and intercultural skills, either as a participant or as a session leader.

Student mentor facilitating a Peer Assisted Learning language session
Develop your language and intercultural skills

Participating in sessions

Attending PAL sessions could be a useful way for you to consolidate the topics you are learning in classroom or in your independent language learning. It is also an effective tool to enhance your language skills, increase your intercultural knowledge and meet new people.


Sessions are available in:

  • Arabic

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Chinese

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Spanish


To participate in a session please register your interest.

Becoming a leader

Being a PAL Leader can enhance your academic performance and develop strong transferable attributes to equip you for life beyond university. You can become a PAL leader if you are a native speaker or a high level learner of Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese or Spanish.


You will then be invited to complete an online training before your face-to-face training. The face-to-face training will provide you with more detailed knowledge of PAL and how PAL operates. All training sessions are on Campus. You will be told where to go when you have registered your interest in coming along.

This is a volunteering role and you need to devote one hour per week, plus preparation time, during term time.


To become a PAL leader please register your interest.

Session timetable

The weekly timetable is:

Language Day Time
Arabic Thursday 3.15pm - 4.05pm
Chinese Monday 5.15pm - 6.05pm
Chinese Tuesday 5.15pm - 6.05pm
Chinese Wednesday 1.15pm - 2.05pm
Chinese Thursday 5.15pm - 6.05pm
English Tuesday 3.15pm - 4.05pm
English Thursday 4.15pm - 5.05pm
French Wednesday 4.15pm - 5.05 pm
French Thursday 2.15pm - 3.05pm
German Monday 3.05pm - 4.05pm
Italian Friday 12.15pm - 1.05pm
Japanese Monday 4.15pm - 5.05pm
Portuguese Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.05pm
Spanish Tuesday 4.15pm - 5.05pm
Spanish Wednesday 2.15pm - 3.05pm


All sessions take place in the Language Learning Zone.